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Review of a Metal Pool.

Swimming In Your Metal Pool

I Love My Metal Pool This Year

My metal pool as been a life saver this year. My family has been in our metal pool every day it seems. My kids absolutely love my metal pool. How much would pay for laughter and happiness from three kids. The Price of a metal pool I say. I hope your staying cool and enjoying the weather we are having this year.

This Summer Has Been Great For Anyone Who Owns A Metal Pool

I have sharing some tips that I have found to be effective in keeping my pool up to snuff all summer long. I am mainly talking about keeping your water clear all summer so you can be in your pool all summer or all year depending on where you live. I have been using a special filter that I came across hunting for answers online. There is a Pool filter that I use in conjunction with the pool filter system. This has made the biggest difference in my water. This filter is called the          Click Here for Slimebag! That’s right the Slimebag! This simple inexpensive filter does np other pool filters do. This filters to 1 micron and you have the ability to clean it for long term use.

The Slimebag Is A Must For Metal Pool Owners

Here are some of the incredible features you get. Make sure to check out the last one it is my favorite.

  • Filters particulate to 1 micron level
  • Removes 99% of lotions and oils from pool and spa water
  • Flow rates  up to 25 to 125 GPM
  • Several units can be piped in parallel to achieve higher flow rates
  • Installs easily after sand, D.E. filters, and cartridges
  • Saves money on chemicals, heating, water and maintenance time
  • You can get started for less than $50.00 dollars

This filter is the most improvment in my water than any other product I tried for clearing up my water. Using this has ket my pool clrystal clear all summer. It has also helped with my chemicals. This filter will benefit any metal pool user. You can clean the filters so you can use it more than once or twice for that matter.

my neighbor has a metal pool and now uses the Slimebag and is very happy with the resukts. The first year his pool hasn’t had any cloudy green issues.

I swear by the Slimebag for my metal pool.

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Cool Metal Pool Video

Check Out The Metal Pool Video

Hi, I found this metal pool video surfing around on the internet. There are hundreds of different metal pool videos. This one is the coolest that i saw.The graphics are incredible.

Its amazing what you can do online now. I remember when you couldn’t get video online and if you did it was like watching a robot talk and move.

This Metal Pool Video Is Awesome

I was very surprised how many intex pool videos there are. Many people don’t know what a metal pool is either. This metal pool video is more for fun. I don’t think it was done for lesson or to teach. It must of took this guy a while to do. Very Cool!

I will be sharing another metal pool video that I found. There are some are are really dumb. Some I can’t believe people would put on Youtube or any other video sharing site. I will be sharing a cool cheap system that I doing for the whole summer with no snags of any kind.

Enjoy This Metal Pool Video

Not even a hint of green or any color for that matter.Just crystal clear water. The metal pool video gives you a glimpse of what your pool water should look like.

Leave a comment on the metal pool video I think it is pretty cool.

The Next Metal Pool Video Will Share My Filter Secret

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Metal Pool Tips

Some Of My Metal Pool Tips


I have been enjoying my metal  pool for the last couple of weeks. It has been every hot here and this is the only way to keep cool. Anything to keep cool and having a metal pool is the only way to keep cool and have fun in the summer heat. I have been discussing little metal pool tips and things I have tried to keep the water sparkling clear. Good clear water is what makes swimming so much fun and also enjoyable. It is not fun when you burn your eyes out with chemicals. Maybe you don’t use enough chemicals and before you know it will be green or hazy. I have had good clear water the whole summer now.

I have talked about metal pool tips and some of the benefits. They are definitely more economical than a inground pool. Things are very similar for keeping water clear.Both pools can use the same stuff.

Follow The Metal Pool Tips For Crystal Clear Water

In ground pools don’t take special water or anything. In fact most people use the same chemicals that own metal pools or in ground pools. The metal pool tips I am going to share are simple.

Keep as much big stuff out. Make sure the people going in are not covered in mud. Keep a close eye on your chemicals. I would check a minimum of once a day. This is a very sensitive thing.Your water can change within a couple days if you do not check it. Make sure you don’t forget.

Just basics to start.You will want to skim your pool in the morning and again at night. If you have a ton of swimmers than you may need to skim four times in a day. This is a easy chore for your kids to do to help out. Its hard for a kid to screw up getting bugs and grass out of your pool. One little thing I do to help with kids and I am sure you have probably seen this.It is the bucket or old dish tub in front of the ladder or deck. It is amazing how much junk gets into the pool from people going in and out. This is probably the simplest metal pool tip to follow and implement. It helped me dramatically with keeping the big stuff out.

Enjoy the Summer in Your Metal Pool

So try skimming more.Do the bucket thing and make sure you check your chemicals daily. I will be sharing the system I use for clear water all summer long. It is is one small filter. You would never guess it is one filter and it lasts all summer. Perfect for Metal pool owners. More metal pool tips to come in a few days .


Metal Pool Guy

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My Metal Pool

My Metal Pool Rocks?

There are many different types of pools. My metal pool is above ground and is the most popular one sold. A metal pool with a metal frame can be used in many different ways. Many times there is just metal frame and they are considered to be  metal pool.

My metal pool is the one that has a metal wall all the way around the perimeter. My metal pool is one of these. A above ground metal pool can give you years of pleasure for you and your family. Usually they are in a circle or oval shape but there are some that are square just not many.

Above ground metal pool is very easy to setup and maintain. The operating costs are really quite low once you get a good system down and stick to it. There is a huge I mean huge financial blow to your wallet with a in ground pool upfront. I will admit that a in ground pool has a certain attractive look about it. The cost always sent me running to a above ground.

My Metal Pool Is One Of The Most Budget Friendly Out There

A metal pool above ground in many cases will out last the in ground anyway. All depends on how you take care of things and of course the weather conditions of where the metal pool is located.

You can pick up a above ground round metal pool for a few thousand dollars. In many cases they come with the filter system and some chemicals to get you started. Some pools are strong enough to walk around the edges. In most situations it is recommended that you don’t try this because of the stress it can put on the wall.

My Metal Pool Filter System Is Very Simple And Cheap

My metal pool can with stand many things but repeated shock on top of it or pushing against from the side. This can where and cause a major problem later on down the road. In the near future I will be sharing my experiences with my swimming  pool. I have many years experience my metal pool and can help you with your pool problems.


Metal Pool Guy

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Welcome to Metal Pool Dot Org

Welcome To Metal Pool

Coming Soon, Everything you ever wondered about a Metal Pool. Some handy little tricks for sparkling pool.Most people don’t know what a metal pool is.

I am going to explain that. It is the most popular and affordable pool you can get. They are very easy to maintain once you have a proven system in place.

A Metal Pool Can Be One of The Most Rewarding Purchases You Make

I get enjoy my metal pool all summer long with no hiccups. But it was not always like that many times the water would turn on me too and there I was beating my head against the wall. My kids wanting to swim and me frustrated beyond belief that I couldn’t get it right. A metal pool can last for many years with proper care.

Don’t Get stuck With a Green Metal Pool

I am going to give you the same tips and tricks that I have come up with to ensure crystal clear water. I feel your pain of putting all that time and effort and money into something and not being able to use it. This isn’t going to be anything expensive. There are no new pumps and the chemicals I use have been used for years and years.Like liquid chlorine is still my main ingredient for disinfecting and good filters. Actually just consistent maintenance is the key. Enjoy your metal pool and I will talk to you soon.


Metal Pool Owner

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